Thursday, 28 June 2007

One more week @ work Yippeeee

Just another week to go and I am a free bird ( provided I don't die of the workload my employer has piled upon me first).. Yippeee!!!! And then home to a month of peace and mom's food( And I don't care if I sound juvenile, I'm going to savour every bit of it...I am going back to school after all.) The pox on all you jealous people with the evil eye!

There must be a reason for my jumping with joy whenever I read in a blog (or in a post on NV or in a personal e mail) that at least a few of my fellow participants haven't yet started pre reading...Oh hang on a minute ! I know what it is-I HAVEN'T STARTED IT MYSELF ! But at least I won't be alone when I arrive in France

Fellow blogger Res I(p)sa wrote about Tony Blair's exit. It really was a poignant moment. Iraq did the poor sod in (He did have his good points though). Credit must, however , be given to Gordon Brown for sheer dogged determination , will to succeed and relentless pursuit of his goal. Whether or not he can best his predecessor remains to be seen. But as future leaders I think we can all take a leaf or two from his book. I am probably coming out as a huge Brown fan but I must say that I am just a curious observer and will reserve judgement on Brown until later.

An interesting fact came up during my search for a pair of wheels. INSEAD may be the best B school in France ( Shut up HEC! It is.) but its students are still persona non grata for one of the giants of French industry--Renault. It seems we are blacklisted by Renault and they wouldn't lease vehicles to INSEAD students. Weird indeed!

As the date of arrivalof the new horde of students at INSEAD gets closer Net Vestibule has found a new life of its own. The traffic has increased immensely in the last few days. One good thing about this interface is that no one arrives at school totally unaware of at least some of his/her future classmates. I personally have formed a few relationships on NV that I will strive to strengthen when I meet these people in class.

On that note ( and noting it is 3:30 am in the morning ) , dear readers, I bid you adieu. Fare thee well , dear reader, and pray for my employer's soul ! He knows not what he is doing to me....

Monday, 25 June 2007

The countdown begins

I have no literary talent. I do not even pretend to have one. What I do have is an incredible desire to write. Prolific blogger...I will probably never be one. But here's an attempt to create my own blog.

Ahh ..... El Dorado... That mystical land of gold! Is it the search for El Dorado that has brought me to INSEAD now? Or is it a deeper search for self that has driven me away from a life of peace to the gritty of world of B schools and the grind thereafter- the world of sangreal..

The countdown has begun. A little over two months to go before I find myself in the hallowed company of the incredibly smart people that populate INSEAD. Butterflies in the stomach???? The phrase doesn't do justice to the beasts that rumble in my belly...

To say the least I am looking forward to(and equally dreading) my year at INSEAD. Never before had I been presented with an opportunity to cohabit and learn with people from as many diverse backgrounds as my future classmates at INSEAD. The immensely gifted ( and , Oh so eloquent! ) people coming to share their lives and learnings with us.

But before that looms the preparation for shifting two countries..Wish I had enough time to travel and discover before school begins...Envy you Bharath! And wish you bring back some great stories to share with us at the parties that symbolify INSEAD.

It's going to be one lovely year. Can't wait to meet you all...